Dynamic Steering Policies are configurations that specify answers and rules for what to include in DNS query response messages.

Use these instructions to create, update, or delete a policy.

Create a Policy

Click on the graphic to enlarge the picture.

Policies are containers for Rules and are attached to domains for creating DNS query responses with the most accurate Answers available.

Policy View
To Create a Policy:

Click Add Policy in the interface.

Add Policy button
The new Policy opens to show all fields available to a policy.

To add Answers to the Policy, see Answers.

To Attach Domains to the Policy, see Attached Domains.

To add Rules to the Policy, see Rules

The TTL is set for the default 30 seconds. Change the TTL at any time to accommodate the needs of your network.

Policy Create View
Click Publish Changes to save the new policy.

Click Discard Changes to undo any non-published changes.

Discard or Publish button

Update or Change a Policy

A Policy can be attached to a domain and contain Answers and Rules.

To update or change a Policy, you will add or remove Attached Domains, Answers, and/or Rules.  See the linked pages for more information on each item.

Delete a Policy

Click on the graphic to enlarge the picture.

Open the Dynamic Steering Policy view.

Click the checkbox to the left of the Policy you want to delete.

Policy Add Answer view
Click Delete to delete the checked policy. Delete Button
At the confirmation window, click Delete again.

Click Cancel to leave the policy.

Confirm Delete