Welcome to Dyn’s Managing Your Domain Registration Guide.

Logging Into Your Account

Log into your account at https://account.dyn.com.

Overview –¬†Domain Name Registration

Using Dyn’s Name Registration, you can transfer an existing domain to your Dyn account. You can also update the contact information for the domain so it appears on WHOIS correctly, or keep that information private by adding the Secret Registration service onto the domain.

What do you want to do?

Each of these topics relates to a specific view in the Domain Registration portal. Select a topic to see more information about the page and its content.

Maintain a Domain Name

Update or change information for an existing domain.

Transfer a Domain Name to Dyn

Move an existing domain from another domain provider to your Dyn account.

Set Up Secret Registration

Hide the ownership and contact information for your domain from the publicly available WHOIS domain listing.