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Domain Registration FAQs

What is a domain registration? Why do I need it?

A domain name is essentially online real estate. The registration of this domain name provides temporary ownership over that real estate. Domain registrations allow the registrant to “build” on this property (such as by offering services such as websites, email, and FTP for personal, commercial, or public use.

What is included in a domain registration?

The domain registration only includes rights to the domain name you purchase (such as for the period of time you leased the domain registration, usually one to ten years. With this registration you can set the contact information for the domain, change the nameserver delegation, and add glue records.

Domain registrations do not by itself include any other services, such as DNS, email, Secret Registration, etc.

Do I need DNS service with my domain registration?

Yes, all domain names require DNS service to function. Without DNS, no one will be able to reach your website, email server, etc., using your domain name.

We recommend using our Dyn Standard DNS service, which is our all-in-one managed DNS hosting solution. It has a simple web interface, servers in five geographically diverse locations, and 100% uptime since the service’s inception in 2001.

Third-party DNS providers can be used instead by simply delegating your domain to their nameservers, or in rare cases you can self-host your own DNS using software such as BIND and by creating glue records.