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New Features:

  • (API 3.1.0) Users can now disable the “Force Password Change” functionality when changing another user’s password via the API
  • (API 3.1.0) GetALLRecords now returns all records in a zone
  • (API 3.1.0) PINs or DAANs are no longer returned as part of User commands
  • (API 3.1.0) Failover for GSLB services can now choose failover_mode (ip or cname) and failover_data (the address) via the API
  • (API 3.1.0) GLSB and RTTM Regions can now be managed via the API
  • (API 3.1.0) Multiple Secondary masters can now be added as a list via the API
  • (API 3.1.0) The password for an update user can now be retrieved via the API
  • (API 3.1.0) Syslog configurations in GSLB services can now be made via the API
  • (API 3.1.0) Zone Files can now be uploaded via the API

Code Enhancements:

  • (API 3.1.0) CreateDDNSHost now gives permissions to modify a ddns host when added
  • (API 3.1.0) Arguments in User and Contact commands pre-pended with “new” have been changed to “new_” for consistency
  • Changes to a zone will now fail appropriately if other actions are still in process
  • SiteGet has been removed as a permission
  • DS records can only be added at nodes with NS records
  • DS records cannot be added at the root node
  • Requesting Stats in a timeframe beyond what is stored now reports an error

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