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New Features:

  • Zone graphs are now displayed using Highcharts which allow for mobile viewing and “zooming” of sets of data
  • Groups page now has Pagination for long lists of groups
  • The Overpage now has clearer indicators regarding the collapsing of each section of the page

Code Enhancements:

  • Corrected an issue causing the External Nameserver editor from crashing
  • Corrected an issue in the Traffic Manager that was causing labels to not be editable
  • In the create zone form, the mailbox entry will no longer be overwritten when typing in a new zone
  • Fixed an issue causing a couple forms on the site to crash
  • Zone with pending tasks will now appropriately block the expert editor
  • Resolved a situation where a health check and performance check for RTTM would sometimes not return the latest state of a zone
  • The 0-9 pagination tab will now appropriately become a link when there are items available under that header
  • Zone file download from the site will now display the correct TTLs

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