Creating a Monitor using the API requires specific syntax depending on whether you are using REST or SOAP. Use this table to find the syntax for your command.

In order for monitoring to occur on your account, please make sure the IP addresses included here ( can reach all your network endpoints. The web page requires you to log-on to Dyn’s Managed DNS.

NOTE: If all fields are left at default for the HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, or TCP protocols, the measured system will display as ‘healthy’ or ‘online’ if it returns any return code. Adding contents to the Path field will require a 200 level return code for the measured system to display as ‘healthy’ or ‘online’.

NOTE: Total number of records in a single Response Pool may not be more than 255.

WARNING: Dyn recommends setting an explicit fallback record entry in all Traffic Director services to ensure a query is always answered with a record. See TD Best Practices – Fallback Entry for more information on setting up a fall back entry.

REST Syntax

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/REST/DSFMonitor/ POST — Creates a new Monitor.

HTTP Action — POST


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SOAP Syntax

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CreateDSFMonitor — Creates a new Monitor.
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