Traffic Director supports the ability to set custom HTTP/HTTPS headers. This applies to both Performance Monitoring and Health Monitoring.

In order for monitoring to occur on your account, please make sure the IP addresses included here ( can reach all your network endpoints. The web page requires you to log on to Dyn’s Managed DNS.

NOTE: If all fields are left at default for the HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, or TCP protocols, the measured system will display as ‘healthy’ or ‘online’ if it returns any return code. Adding contents to the Path field will require a 200 level return code for the measured system to display as ‘healthy’ or ‘online’.

Configure the Monitor Header

Use the following to complete or edit the Monitor Header field:

Accepted Macros:

{UNIXTIMESTAMP} The time of the request, as a Unix epoch time.
{HOST} The name of the host we are requesting from.
{SOURCE_IP} The address of the agent making the request.
{TARGET_IP} The address we’re checking.
{SITE} Airport code of the agent.
{REGION} Geographical region of the agent.
{CHECKNUM} Simple request counter.
Set the user-agent of your HTTP/HTTPS request and provide the site of the monitoring agent. Enter the following into the Headers field:

user-agent: MY_Monitor_Agent (Location: {SITE}, Interval: {UNIXTIMESTAMP})

Example of the Syslog entries based on this setup: - - [06/Apr/2015:09:36:02 -0400] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 23575 "-" MY_Monitor_Agent (Location: IAD, Interval: 1428327360)"

Return to the Configuring Monitors help page for information on completing the rest of the monitor configuration.  Return to Configuring Monitors