If you know the assets you want to add to an inventory, but do not want to search for each asset within II-Network itself, you can create a data file to upload the assets into an inventory.

Create a TXT, CSV, or TSV formatted file.  The file can contain IP addresses, prefixes, ASNs, or domains separated by a carriage return, space, tab, or comma. Save the file and then upload the file using the instructions provided on this page.


Upload an Inventory File

1. Log into Internet Intelligence. DII Log In
2. Open the Inventories view. Inventory Menu View DII
3. Click Upload Assets. Upload Assets button
4. Click Select A File to browse to the text file where your inventory items are stored. Select a File DII
5. Enter the inventory or inventories where you wish to add these items. Upload Inventory Objects
6. Click Upload. Upload button DII