The Dyn Managed DNS platform monitors all of the IP addresses in the defined ‘IP Address Pool’ for Health and Performance. This is done with multiple monitors from around the world. If a problem is detected and confirmed, the unresponsive IP Address is removed from the address pool. Healthy IPs are ordered by performance to provide the smallest latency possible to any point globally.

Note: Enabling some Managed DNS features may effect your monthly billing. Please check the terms and conditions of your contract before enabling any new Services.

Click one of the following links for instructions on using Real Time Traffic Management in your zone.

Adding RTTM

1.  Click Overview or Manage DNS. Main menu bar
2.  Click Manage in the far right column for the zone you want to change.
3.  Click Simple Editor on the menu bar. Simple editor menu
4.  Click the Records tab. Records tab menu
5.  Scroll to the Services heading.  Services header
6.  Select Real Time Traffic Management from the Add a New Service drop-down list. Add a new service drop-down menu
7.  Configure Real Time Traffic Management.

NOTE:  A warning notice will appear once you start configuring the service.  It advises that you must save your changes to make them permanent.

Click Configure RTTM to access the instructions for configuring Real Time Traffic Management for your zone.
8. Save your changes to activate the service. RTTM warning for unsaved changes

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Deleting RTTM

1.  Click Overview or Manage DNS Main menu bar
2.  Click Manage in the far right column for the zone you want to change.
3.  Click the Services tab.  Services tab
5. Click Manage in the right column under Real Time Traffic Management for the node where you want to remove RTTM. Manage button
6.  Click Delete Service to remove the service from this node in your zone. delete service button
7.  Confirm your decision to Delete the service.  Delete Service button

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