Publishing your new zone, or updates to an existing zone, sends the new or updated information to our edge nameservers.  Until the zone information is published, it is not available for DNS queries.

NOTE: You do not need to publish each change to your zone as it is created. You can make multiple changes to the zone and publish them in one batch when you are finished with all the changes.

1.  Click Overview or Manage DNS. Main menu bar
2.  Find the Zone you created.

NOTE:  Unpublished Zones have a golden yellow exclamation point (!) in the Status column

 Primary Zone List
3.  Click Manage for that Zone in the right most column.  
4.  Review the contents of the Simple Editor view and verify that your imported records, if any, appear correctly in the DNS Records section. Simple editor DNS Records
5.  Click Review Changes and Publish! in the Zone Messages section of the Expert Editor.  Publish Now Message
6.  Click Cancel to stop the zone publication or Publish Zone.  Publish zone view