There are several situations where you try to log-on to and the log-on fails. Please use the following items to assist you in solving a log-on issue.

Is your IP address IPv4 or IPv6?

If you have IPv6 connectivity, it’s possible that the network isn’t recognizing it as a valid address or that it is being blocked based on your Access Control List (ACL) settings.

See Limiting Access By IP Address to verify which IP addresses are allowed to access your account or to setup limits as to which IP addresses can access your account.

You can also try logging into a different version of the URL to access your Dyn Managed DNS account.

The valid URLs for the Dyn Managed DNS accounts are:

Dyn Managed DNS URL Addresses Use the URL for IP Address Type IPv4 and IPv6 IPv4 only IPv6 only

Did you forget your password?

DynID allows you to reset your password in the event that you forgot it. You can find the password reset instructions here.

If those instructions do not work for your account please contact our fabulous and helpful Technical Support team.