Use these instructions to limit access to your Managed DNS account to specific IP Addresses or a group of IP Addresses. This is accomplished by creating an Access Control List (ACL) of acceptable IP Addresses.

1. Open the Overview tab.
2. Scroll to the Customer Account Info section.  
3.Select Edit on the right side of the screen in either:

The row labelled Web IP ACLs to limit the IP addresses that can access the Managed DNS Web interface.

– or –

The row labelled API IP ACLs, to limit the IP addresses that can access the Managed DNS API.

Both options can contain single IP addresses and/or CIDR-style netmasks ( As the Managed DNS API does not have multi-factor authentication, limiting the IP addresses that can access the API adds another layer of security to your account.






4. Enter your IP Addresses, either individually or in CIDR-style netmasks ( into the Netblocks field.  Either IPv4 or IPv6 addresses or netmasks are accepted.

NOTE:  Your current IP address is directly above the Netblocks field. Make sure your current IP address is included in the list or you will be instantly logged out when you submit these updates.

5. Select Enabled from the IP ACLs Active drop-down list.
6. Click Edit ACLs to set the changes.