For security purposes, Dyn’s Email Delivery needs to know the email address of all senders (e.g., the “From” address for whom you will be sending email). The Approved Senders page allows you to view and edit the approved senders on your account.

You can remove an approved sender from the list by clicking on the X in the row of the approved sender to remove.


To Add Approved Senders

 1.  Select Add Approved Sender within the Approved Senders view. Add Approved Sender
 2.  Enter the email address(s) you want to list as approved senders. Add Email Sender
 3.  Click the Save button to add the email address(s) to your Approved Senders list. Save Button

Other actions you will want to do for each approved sender include:
1. Opting in to Seeding.
2. Adding an SPF record for the approved sender.
3. Adding a DKIM record for the approved sender.
4. (OPTIONAL) Setup a Custom Tracking Domain to match your brand to your tracking domains.