Email Delivery provides a REST API to allow for programmatic access to the system. You can configure your account via the API, request reporting data, update recipient status, and most other functions available within the user interface.As with any REST API, methods are called via standard HTTP or HTTPS requests, sometimes with parameters specified within the request. Methods are invoked via the standard set of REST verbs, and results are available in one of three parse-friendly formats: JSON, HTML, and XML.

To facilitate security, each invocation of the API must be accompanied by an API key unique to the account, which is assigned by the system. By default, all accounts are assigned a unique API key but you can change this key at any time via the Account Settings or Integration pages.

The data returned is specific to the API key entered, so if you enter a sub-account’s key, you receive data specific to that sub-account.

The REST API is accessed via a URL in this format:[PARAMS]

NOTE:  The API is case sensitive.  Commands and URI entries must be in lower case for your script to work.

(You can initiate a secure connection by changing “http” to “https”.)

RETURN-TYPE is the requested format of the returned data.
Valid return types are:

  • html (NOTE: html is only useful for visualizing the data and should not be used for development purposes)
  • json
  • xml

METHOD-NAME[PARAMS] is the URI of the API method you wish to use. For GET requests, the [PARAMS] will use a query string for the parameters. For POST requests, the [PARAMS] will use post data for the parameters.