Zone files can be downloaded for backup purposes or for transferring DNS information between providers. Below are instructions on how to download your zone file from Dyn’s Managed DNS.

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How to Download Your Zone File Use Dig to Download Zone Data


How to Download Your Zone File

1. Log in to your Managed DNS account.
2. Under the Overview or Managed DNS menu tab, find the zone for the file download.

Click Manage on the far right to select the zone.

Manage button
3. In the Simple Editor, select the Zone Reports sub-menu tab. Zone_Reports_Tab
4. The Zone File download is listed under Zone Graphs and Reports.  You can also download the zone file from the View Reports menu tab.

Click on Download below the Zone File header.

Your zone file will begin downloading as a TXT file.

NOTE: If you are looking to download this report often, see Use Dig to Download Zone Data to programmatically execute these steps.