Welcome to the API Quick-Start Guide! This guide is meant to be a non-programming look at the Dyn’s Managed DNS API and will cover the conceptual steps needed to use the API.

Understanding How The API Works


Each basic API process includes all the steps listed here:

  • Log-on
  • Make Changes and updates
  • Publish changes
  • Log-out

Use the information and links on this page to get started with the API.



  • Before any interaction can take place within Dyn’s Managed DNS, a session must be established.
  • Logging in with either REST or SOAP will establish this session and yield a Token.
  • Log-in Instructions

  • The Token will be used with every API call to validate the authenticity of a request.

WARNING: Making changes to any one Traffic Director object with multiple sessions, either via the API or GUI, may cause unexpected behavior. This unexpected behavior could result in unintentional service changes or the inability to propagate new zone changes.


While an unused session can and will timeout eventually, it is always recommended to log out from your session when your scripts are complete.

Log-out Instructions

Managing Settings

Change Settings

The API allows for a good level of control of Users, Zones, Records, and Services. It also permits requests of different types of logs.

Common uses for the API:

Review Changes

  • Each request made in the API returns a Job ID; zone change requests are queued within a Changeset.
  • Changesets allow for a zone configuration to be finalized before it goes live and can be reviewed or removed at any time.
  • Instructions to View the Changeset

  • Job IDs allow a user to check on the status of a request or fetch the response of a previously completed request.
  • Both Changesets and Job IDs are only valid for the duration of a session.

Publish Changes

When a user is ready to make his or her Changesets live they just need to call the publish command.*

Publish Zone API Instructions

*All pending Changesets for a zone go live when the publish request is made.

Try it out!

Check out available commands and examples of the API now:

Managed DNS API Rate Limit

Yes. Dyn’s Managed DNS API has a set request-rate limit to prevent abuse of the service. Please see Managed DNS API Rate Limit for more information.

If you have additional questions, concerns, or would like to inquire about additional request capacity, please contact support (requires log-in).