Dyn’s Managed DNS API uses a request rate limit to prevent abuse of the service. The default rate limit is currently 300 requests per minute, or 5 requests per second. This limit is cumulative across all users within an account.

When rate limiting occurs, all new API requests account-wide will receive a 429 - Too Many Requests error (RFC-6585) for up to sixty seconds. Once the lock expires, new requests may be issued by any user. Rate limiting is independent of sessions and jobs. For more information on jobs, please see the REST and SOAP job documentation.

Most rate limiting stems from well-intentioned but “runaway” scripts, often occurring when a script forks multiple child processes to perform a large amount of concurrent work. To avoid rate limiting, it is important to cap the number of simultaneous API sessions, especially when performing multiple changes to a single zone.

If you find your scripts are consistently triggering rate limiting, or have further questions, please contact our support team (requires log-in) for assistance.