Sometimes your situation changes and you need to cancel your Dyn account.  We are sorry to see you go.  Follow the product link for instructions to cancel your account. If you think you are owed a refund, check the Refund Policy for more information.


Canceling/Disabling Auto-Renew

  Instructions for cancelling the auto-renew feature of a self-signup Dyn account.

Canceling Dynamic DNS (DynDNS Pro)

  Dynamic DNS is used for your home or small business office device that handles your security system, or other items you need to access outside your network.

Canceling Dyn Secondary DNS

  Secondary DNS acts as a backup of sorts for your primary DNS provider. The best DNS practices have both secondary and primary DNS providers.

Canceling Dyn Standard DNS

  Standard DNS is used for your small business DNS name resolution. Make sure you have another provider for DNS name resolution before cancelling this account.

Refund Policy

  Defines the parameters required to receive a refund on a self-signup Dyn account.