Internet Alerts – Routing API is a powerful tool to monitor the performance of IP addresses across your network. The results of this monitoring will alert you to anomalies in Prefix Upstream and Origination information. This document is designed to assist you in understanding those results.

Upstream ASN Path(s) for a Prefix: Visualization


The visualization for upstream ASNs for a prefix gives you an idea of the path the prefix is taking over the various ASN options.
This visualization of the upstream ASN(s) for a prefix gives you an idea of the routes you can take to get to the prefix.  The AS paths are identified in the legend and shown based on the percentage of peers seeing each path during the time period. ASN Upstream Paths

Originations for a Prefix: Visualization


This visualization of the originations for a prefix displays who, shown as their ASN, is currently announcing the prefix.
This visualization displays the three different ASNs that have announced the prefix during the time period.  The percentage of peers seeing each of the different ASN announcements of the prefix displays on the left  vertical axis. Multiple Origination Paths