Dyn’s Dynamic Steering is the first solution that pulls together Dyn’s Internet Performance Platform. It combines our world class DNS solution with granular insights into the performance and reachability of CDNs, Cloud providers, Data centers, and Global markets.


Dynamic Steering has flexible policy configurations that take advantage of our endpoint performance metrics and user-defined preferences for performance to guide customer DNS queries around Internet congestion and outages for a better online customer experience.

Dynamic Steering Policies use data collected from Real User Monitoring (RUM) and Protocol Vantage Points (PVP). These data sources build a comprehensive real-time understanding of DNS traffic on the Internet. Policies include three components: Attached Domains, Answers, and Rules.


Attached Domains

Domains attached to the policy identify the DNS records that are provided in policy answers.

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Policy answers are the served responses for DNS queries. They are associated with assets to be considered when making steering decisions based on the rules.





An ordered set of rules provide a method to filter answers for the best response based on identified customer preferences.


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