Reports on the overall status of the hosts in the different Address Pools. If one of the individual servers in any of the global or regional address pool is reported by the monitoring agents as being in a trouble state that status would be displayed here.

Traffic Manager Status View

Label – Optional identification given to each grouping of hosts.

Address – The IP address or optional label.

Status – An overall status icon for the IP address based on the individual agent statuses.  Logs will take you to the status log file for the IP address.

Agent Status – There are three icons, each icon representing a different monitoring agent at a different geographical location.  Logs will take you to the status log file for the Agents.

Service Logs – Brings you to the Log of Service Level Status Changes.

Agent Status Icon Indicates Additional Information
Up agent success icon Indicates that the ‘Protocol Monitoring Agent’ test was successful. Each green check represents a good (successful) ‘Protocol Monitoring Agent’.
Down agent error icon Indicates that a ‘Protocol Monitoring Agent’ test has failed. If two of three monitoring agents fail an IP is tagged as host fail and removed from service. Once removed the overall Status icon will change to a red triangle to indicate that the IP address has been removed from the service.
Unknown agent unknown icon The unknown status indicator is displayed any time a change in the service has been submitted and should change to either the green check or red triangle during the next monitoring cycle.