Dyn monitors the master nameserver for your secondary zones. If we are unable to transfer zone data from the master server, we will notify you via the contact identified in the Notifications field on the zone’s configuration page Creating Secondary Zone.

The information on this page identifies when and how we generate those notifications along with examples of the emails your designated contact will receive if a Secondary Zone notification is sent out.

Reasons to send Notifications on a Secondary Zone

In general, notification emails are generated if we have not communicated with the master server for at least two refresh intervals, or an unexpected xfer-in message has been received. Below, please find a list of common errors that may occur during the transfer process.
NOTE: This is not a comprehensive list of errors, but represents the majority of error messages.

  • failed to connect: connection refused
  • failed to connect: connection reset
  • failed to connect: host unreachable
  • failed to connect: timed out
  • failed while receiving responses: NOTAUTH
  • failed while receiving responses: NXDOMAIN
  • failed while receiving responses: REFUSED
  • failed while receiving responses: connection reset
  • failed while receiving responses: end of file
  • failed while receiving responses: multiple RRs of singleton type
  • failed while receiving responses: not authoritative
  • failed while receiving responses: not exact
  • failed while receiving responses: timed out
  • failed while receiving responses: unexpected end of input
  • giving up: timed out
  • shut down: operation canceled


Example Emails sent for Notifications on a Secondary Zone

Email sent when Zone master missed at least 2 refresh intervals. To:you@notification-address.com
Subject: Dyn Managed DNS zone secondary zone example.com running behindZone example.com (master missed at least 2 refresh intervals. This means that our server tried to reach your master server to keep our copy of example.com up-to-date, and did not get valid answers. Please note that in order for the Dyn Managed DNS to act as a secondary for your zone, you must configure your nameserver to send notifies to, and accept transfer requests from, { List of Dyn IP addresses }.Please also make sure that any firewall rules allow for both TCP and UDP on port 53.

Additional help can be found online at: https://help.dyn.com/creating-a-secondary-zone/

Dyn Support
+1.800.837.3084 or +1.603.413.0143

Email sent when Dyn’s Secondary zone logged an error. Subject: Dyn Managed DNS zone secondary zone example.com logged error

Looking at our logs for connecting to your master server for example.com, we saw these messages:

{ Error messages seen }

There may be further messages; check the notes for your zone at https://manage.dynect.net/zones/notes/example.com/

Dyn Support
+1.800.837.3084 or +1.603.413.0143