The API can be used to create scripts that will create, update, retrieve, and remove various components of your customer account within Managed DNS. Use these links to commands, resources, and workflow processes to understand Managed DNS and to manage your DNS.


Create a Primary Zone Publish Your Zone Delegating Your Zone
Create a Secondary Zone Manage Records for your Zone Managing Zone Contacts
Setting Up a Reverse DNS Zone Managing Permissions Add Services to Your Zone
Setup DNSSEC for Your Zone Deleting a Zone


Two notes on Zone node behavior when using the API:
To create a new node containing a record: Create a record as if the node existed and the API will create the new node when it creates the record.
When the last record is removed from a node, the node is removed as well.

Other Zone Information and Activities

Use Retrieve Zone Notes to get all the notes listed for a given zone.

Use the Get the Zone Node List to retrieve a listing of the nodes on a given zone.

Use the Bulk Add Feature to upload a file containing zone information.

Use the Freeze/Thaw Zones command to either freeze a zone and keep others from editing its parameters or thaw a zone which was previously frozen.

Use Prune Zone can selectively remove individual nodes from your zone.