These are the services available for Managed DNS.
Select a Service name for information on adding this service using the API.

Advanced Services:


Active Failover

Designate a primary address to monitor and a backup address to takeover in the event the primary fails.

Traffic Management

Load balance traffic based on up to seven geographic regions, with failover functionality if an address becomes unavailable.

Real Time Traffic Management

Monitors performance of your addresses and automatically directs traffic to the fastest addresses in a geographic area.

Traffic Director

Granular geographic load balancing down to the State/Providence (US/Canada) and country level plus monitoring for HTTP, HTTPS, PING, SMTP, and TCP protocols.
Other Services:



Establish security signatures on DNS queries to your zone.

Dynamic DNS

Create Dynamic DNS hostnames for use with any Managed DNS compatible update client.

HTTP Redirect

Allows 301/302 redirects to be configured.

IP Tracking

Automatically populates a Reverse DNS zone with PTR records as you add DNS records to your main zone.

Reverse DNS

Instructions for configuring Reverse DNS for your own IP block(s).