The IP Tracking service automatically populates a reverse DNS zone with matching PTR records for specific record types created in the identified forward zones.

For Example:  You place IP Tracking on reverse DNS zone and request it track A records for the zone  When you create a record on for the mail server, IP Tracking will automatically create a PTR record in the reverse DNS zone for where is the IP for


Setting Up IP Tracking
1.  Click Overview or Manage DNS. Main menu bar
2.  Click Manage in the far right column for the root reverse DNS zone where you want IP Tracking PTR records to be created.

NOTE:  It is very important that you create the IP Tracking at the root of the reverse DNS zone.  Example:

3.  Select Simple Editor from the tab menu.  
4.  Scroll to the Services section.  Services section header for Simple Editor
5.  Select (ReverseDNS) IP Tracking from the Add a New Service drop-down.

Use steps 6, 7, & 8 to complete the IP Tracking form when it appears.

 Add a new service drop-down view
6.  IP Tracking for:  Select the record type(s) to be tracked. Any time a tracked record type is modified or added, the PTR records in the reverse zone are modified to match. Add IP Tracking for
 7.  Under:  Enter the zone, node, or domain you want to monitor.

For example:  If you want IP addresses in to have matching reverse DNS, you enter to this list.

NOTE:  IP Tracking will automatically create the reverse record for any current records in the zone once the service is added in step 9.

Add IP tracking under
 8.  Attributes:  Set the TTL (time to live) and Netmask parameters here.

TTL:  Select the TTL for the PTR records IP Tracking creates.

  • Default – The TTL for the PTR records will be inherited from the SOA of this zone.
  • Match Record – Each PTR record created will have the same TTL as its corresponding tracked record.

Netmask: Set the netmask to match the reverse zone selected in step 2.  The netmask must be entered in CIDR-style.  For example:

NOTE:  It is very important that the netmask entered here matches the netmask for the zone.

 Add IP tracking attributes
 9.  Select Add IP Tracking to establish IP Tracking on the zone(s) or node(s) indicated.  Add IP tracking button