Error [INFO] Message Likely Issue and Resolution
login: IP address does not match current session
login: There was a problem with your credentials
Limit Access by IP Address should resolve this issue, especially if the response to your job was a separate IP address for each task. Usually the session expects the IP address to be static during a session. Using the Limit Access by IP Address flag allows your IP addresses to be from a block of IP addresses or a single IP address.
The Auth-Token HTTP header must be set to make this call Preface the Auth-Token string with the header (-H) handle in your curl request like this example: curl -s -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json"-H"Auth-Token: xxxxxxxxxxxxx" -d'{"rname":"","serial_style":"xxxxxxxxxx","ttl":"3600"}'
token: This session already has a job running Only one job can run in a session at one time. If the job does not complete in 5 seconds, Managed DNS will return a Job ID. Use this Job ID as a parameter for Get Job to determine if your first job has finished before launching a second job. It is recommended that the command be run no more than once every 5 seconds as running it more frequently will lead to the maximum number of redirects and produce an error. Alternatively, you can create a new API session to start the second job sooner.
API call to add a new A record fails. Each node can only contain 13 A records. If your node already contains 13 A records, an API request to add another A record will fail.
We can respond with the following mime types: text/html, application/yaml, text/xml, application/xhtml+xml, application/json, application/xml, application/xhtml, application/x-yaml To identify the format you want the API query to use when returning data, add the following into your query: –header “Content-Type: enter_mime_type_here”