Retrieving Permission Group information using the API requires specific syntax depending on whether you are using REST or SOAP. Use this table to find the syntax for your command.

REST Syntax

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PermissionGroup/ GET — Retrieves information on permission groups.

HTTP Action — GET


Get one Permission Group —<group_name>/

Get Permissions Groups —

NOTE: If no group_name is specified, a list of available permission groups will be returned.
Otherwise, the information specific to the given permission group will be returned.


No Arguments.


Get one Permission Group — Click for More Info

Get Permissions Groups — array of Individual Permission Group resources.

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SOAP Syntax

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GetOnePermissionGroup — Retrieves information about the specified permission group.

GetPermissionGroups — Retrieves information about all permission groups.

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GetOnePermissionGroup — Click for More Info

GetPermissionGroups — Click for More Info

Example Request (GetOnePermissionGroup) — Click for More Info

Example Request (GetPermissionGroups) — Click for More Info