You can use this call to receive the past 4 hours of JSON data measurements to your IP targets. The data can be generated without the need of a firing alert, allowing you to gather current performance to a target from your chosen vantage point collector. These data can also help in setting appropriate thresholds for a target IP address.

If you are using Performance Alerts to monitor a particular IP address, you can use the API to fetch JSON data of the past 4 hours of performance data (ping latency and failures). You must specify both the IP address being monitored and the collector where you chose to monitor it from. If you are monitoring it from many collectors, you would have to request separate JSON data for each collector.


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GET /performance/data/{ip_address}/{collector} — Retrieves the past 4 hours of JSON data based on the given IP address and collector set.

cURL example for retrieving the alert details:

$ curl -u username:password{ip_address}/{collector}

Where {ip_address} is the target IP Address you are currently monitoring for data.
Where {collector} is the collector vantage point from which you are monitoring the target IP address.

Arguments: None.

The past 4 hours of JSON data for the identified IP address and collector set.

NOTE: NULL in any of the data sets does NOT represent no data. NULL in this instance represents a failure to reach the target and contributes to the packetloss calculation. These packetloss failures are calculated into the decision as to when an alert is raised for the packetloss percentage crossing the collector threshold.

IP – The identified IP address for the data.

Collector Label – Name of the collector.

IP Label – Additional collector information for the IP address.

Measurements:  pairs of data [timestamp (Epoch Unix format), the latency measurement in milliseconds].