Retrieving one or all child Delegation Signer (CDS) records using the API requires specific syntax depending on whether you are using REST or SOAP. Use this table to find the syntax for your command.

See RFC 7344 for more information about the CDS record.

REST Syntax

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/REST/CDSRecord/ GET — Retrieves one or all existing CDS record on the designated node. 

HTTP Action — GET


Get one CDS record —<zone>/<fqdn>/<record_id>/

Get CDS records —<zone>/<fqdn>/


No Arguments.


Get one CDS record — Click for More Info

Get CDS records: array — Individual CDS records

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SOAP Syntax

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GetOneCDSRecord — Retrieves one existing CDS record at the zone/node indicated. 

GetCDSRecords — Retrieves all existing CDS records.


GetOneDSRecord — Click for More Info


  • string fqdnRequired. Name of node where the record exists.
  • string tokenRequired. The session identifier.
  • string zoneRequired. Name of the zone where the record exists.

GetOneCDSRecord — Click for More Info

GetCDSRecords — Click for More Info

Example Request (GetOneCDSRecord) — Click for More Info 

Example Request (GetCDSRecords) — Click for More Info