Use the following information to create a sub account on your Email Delivery account.
Sub-accounts allow for flexibility and additional security in the following ways:

  • Each sub-account has its own Suppression List
  • Reports can be filtered by sender, tracking email results per sub-account.
  • They can be assigned to different sending pools by our Deliverability team for greater flexibility.
  • Setting up separate sub-accounts allows you to distinguish emails by domain or to separate mailings between transactional and bulk email.

To Create a Sub-Account

1. Open the Accounts view. Email_Accounts_01
2. Click the Add Account button. Email add sub-account button
3. Complete the Account Information page for the new account.
4. Click Save to create the new account.

Note: Sub-accounts will use the specified username and password to log in and create a new DynID for their account.
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