Response Pools for Traffic Director identify the IP address(es) that will be provided as answers for DNS queries, how many IP addresses and which ones will be provided in any given answer, and the behavior of the Response Pool in the event a minimum number of its IP addresses are not available.

NOTE: Total number of records in a single Response Pool may not be more than 255.

Configuring Response Pools

1. Select Traffic Director from the Add-Ons menu. Add-Ons menu
2. Find the Traffic Director service where the Response Pool exists and click the Service Name. Traffic_Director_Svcs
This opens the Traffic Director view. GeoMon_Service_GUI_Order
3. Click the expand button Expand Button next to Response Pools to expand the list. GeoMon Response Pool
4. Click GeoMon Edit to edit the Response Pool. The icon is on the far right side of the Response Pool. GeoMon RuleSet Edit
5. Use the following to edit the Response Pool field:

Label: The identifying name for this Response Pool.

Save Button— Save the Response Pool.

Delete Button — Delete the Response Pool.

6. Once the Response Pool is saved, a blue bar will appear at the top of the screen offering you a choice to either Publish the changes or to Revert to the state prior to making your changes. Revert or Publish