When a new Address Pool is defined for the zone, a Rules definition is automatically added to the Traffic Manager. Global Rules is the first of the Regional Rules added to Traffic Manager.  There are seven other Regional Rules that can be configured in the same way as the Global Rules.

To Configure Traffic Management Rules

1. Click the yellow ‘+‘ symbol to expand the  Rules view. Global Rules View
2. Click the blue pencil icon to edit the Rule. Edit the global rules ruleset
3. Use the following information to update or edit the Rules parameters:

Auto Recover – Check this box to allow the host to be placed back into service after a failover, once it is again responsive to the Protocol Monitors. If this box is Unchecked, use the Recover Now button to recover a host from a Failover state.

Failover To – Select the desired behavior for the host when it goes into Failover state. Click for More Info

Serve Count – Select the number (1-13) of IP addresses to be returned per DNS query (With a traditional DNS system all defined IP addresses for the host are returned when queried. This setting allows you to adjust how any IP addresses are returned in a DNS query. This setting is per ruleset.)

Minimum Healthy Addresses – The minimum number of addresses in a pool that must be “up” to prevent failover. When this minimum cannot be met, the Service will be in a “Failover” state, and the pool will failover according to the Failover To setting.

Failover Address – (Optional) Enter the target Failover host, IP address or CNAME. Used with the Failover To: IP Address / CNAME selections.

Recover Now – Use this option when the Auto Recover box is Unchecked and you have resolved all connectivity issues to the host. This will place the host back in service. Remember to allow time for the current TTL (time to live) to expire before testing, otherwise you may see cached recursive DNS results.


Edit the global rules parameters

4. Select the Save Icon to finish adding the Rule into the Traffic Manager.

Save Icon:

address pool save icon

5. Select the Cancel Icon to close the form without saving.

Cancel Icon:

Address pool cancel icon