Customers using our site to access and pay their invoices are Self-Service Customers. The information on this page is designed to assist you in understanding your invoice layout and content.

If you have any questions about the invoice layout or content, please contact our Billing Department (

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Standard Invoice Details


Order Date: Date and time when the order was placed, or the invoice was generated, if this is a renewal.

Payment Summary: Details of the payment Method (credit card), Card Info (card type and number), Invoice Total, Amount Billed, and Status (paid, due)

Invoice Number: Unique identifier for this specific invoice.

Billing Address: Name, Mailing Address, Country, and Phone number based on the credit card account used to pay the invoice. If paying via PayPal, this information is not available and the section will not appear.

Non-direct Invoice Header



Lists the product(s) billed on this invoice.

Self Service Customers

Invoice Sub-Total and Total


Sub-Total: Total of items prior to discounts and payments received.

Discounts Applied: Amount of discount applied to your order.

Invoice Total: Sub-total less any discounts.

Amount Billed: Total amount billed on this invoice.

Payment Received: Amount paid against this invoice.

Balance Due: Total due remaining after discounts and payments.

Self-Service Invoice Totals