NOTE: The Geo Traffic Management (classic) Service is deprecated. Legacy users of the service should contact Concierge for any questions on adding a Geo Traffic Management service to your zone. All other users should use Traffic Director instead.

Traffic Manager Issues and Questions

Question: Why did my Address Pool failover when there was still one Address in the Pool available to serve DNS addresses?

Answer: Traffic Manager works to ensure that DNS addresses are served consistently regardless of which end-point addresses are available. In any given Address Pool, if a single Address fails to respond, the other addresses in the pool will be served to the requester.

However, based on your setting for the Minimum Healthy Addresses field, a low number of available addresses to serve to the requester may cause the entire Address Pool to failover to another region.

In a situation where the Minimum Healthy Addresses field is set to a value of 2 for an Address Pool of 3, and 2 of those 3 addresses fail, the Address Pool will failover for failing to meet the defined minimum health addresses of 2.

When the Address Pool fails over, it will follow the rule defined by the “failover to:” field and failover to the defined CNAME, IP Address, or regional pool for failing to meet the minimum number of healthy addresses.

3 Total Pool Addresses
2 Minimum Healthy Addresses (required to keep Address Pool from failover)
1 Currently available addresses

1 < 2, therefore, this address pool fails over to another region until the failed addresses come back online and can again be served out to requesters.

Geo TM Issues and Questions

Question: I don’t see Geo Traffic Manager as a service option to add. I know I have Geo Traffic Manager as a feature on my account. How do I add the Geo Traffic Manager service?
Answer: Geo Traffic Manager is being phased out now that we have released Traffic Director. In the mean time, if you need to add a Geo Traffic Manager to an existing zone, please contact our Concierge team to assist you.

Question: How do I delete a record group from Geo TM?
Answer: If you delete all records within the group and then save the group, the empty group will automatically be deleted.

Question:  Can I Specify a CNAME at a node with GeoTM as a fallback?
Answer:  While you can’t add a CNAME to a node that is linked to a GeoTM service, you can add a CNAME to the fallback region of your GeoTM service to be served for queries that match no other region in your service.

Question:  Do predefined GeoTM Region groups exist?
Answer:   Yes, predefined GeoTM Region groups do exist!

To make lives easier for some of our GeoTM users out there, a few Predefined GeoTM Regions Groups exist.