Understanding How The API Works

Traffic Manager is designed to load balance traffic based on up to seven geographic regions, with failover functionality if an endpoint becomes unavailable. Traffic Manager uses the Dyn Anycast network to make routing decisions. Traffic Manager, often abbreviated TM or GSLB for Global Service Load Balance, can be configured and managed using the API.

In order for monitoring to occur on your account, please make sure the IP addresses included here (https://manage.dynect.net/help/agents.html) can reach all your network endpoints. The web page requires you to log-on to Dyn’s Managed DNS.

Traffic Manager Service: These commands allow you to control the installation of the Traffic Manager service instance.

Create a TM instance Retrieve TM information Activate/Deactivate a TM instance
Recover a TM service Delete a TM instance

Traffic Manager Regions: Use these commands to add, remove, or manage the various region pools of nodes within the Traffic Manager service.

Create a TM Region Retrieve TM Region(s) Update TM Region
Delete TM Region(s)

Traffic Manager Region Pool Entries: Use these commands to add, remove, or manage the nodes which are added into the Region Pool for management.

Create TM Region Pool Entry Retrieve TM Region Pool Entry(s) Update TM Region Pool Entry
Delete TM Region Pool Entry