Health Check is a cost effective way to ensure that your host is up and running. Once Health Check is setup, it monitors the listed host every 30 minutes and emails you when it detects that the host is no longer responding as expected.


Health Check Help Topics
Editing Health Check
Removing Health Check


To Add Health Check To Your Account

1. Log-on to your account at web page
2. Add Health Check product to your shopping cart and checkout. Purchase Health Check
3. The final view shows the instructions for setting up Health Check. Health Check Purchased
4. Click Add New Check to enter the information for the Health Check. Add a new check into Health Check
5. Use the following information to complete the Health Check setup:Protocol – Choose either HTTP or HTTPS.

Interval – 30 minute intervals are set by default.  Not editable.

Host to Monitor – Select the host to monitor from the list of hosts associated with your account.

Port – The port for the monitor to look for a connection.  Default is 80.  For HTTPS, use 8080.

Path – The specific path on the host to be monitored.

Expected Response Code – Select the HTML response code from the list. You can also select ‘ANY’ so that no matter the HTML response code, your host will be considered available.

Notification Email – Notification emails are sent to the email associated with your account.

Save Changes – Click to setup the Health Check.

Add New Health Check
6. The new Health Check as it first appears on your account. Health Check Added