1.  Click Overview or Manage DNS. Main menu bar
2.  Click Manage in the far right column.
3.  Click Zone Options on the menu bar. Zone Options Tab
4.  Click DNSSEC on the sub-menu bar. DNSSEC Tab in Zone Options
5.  Copy the Delegation Signer Records, or click Download .txt format to save the information into a text file. DS Records and Key Information
NOTE: Make sure to select either When a key expires or Weeks before a key expires.
If one of these notifications is not selected, you will NOT be notified when your DNSSEC expires.
This will impact your DNS resolution and may lead to increased QPS due to DNS information not being cached.
DNSSEC notifications
6.   Upload the Delegation Signer(DS) Record(s) to your domain registrar.
Your domain registrar may have the ability to add this information through their User Interface, or you may need to contact them for instructions on how to accomplish this step.