As part of Dyn’s continued improvements to the Internet Routing Alerts API and Internet Performance Alerts API, there will be an update on February 28, 2017, that includes two changes the existing API.

Users of Internet Routing Alerts and Internet Performance Alerts should be aware of the following two changes:

1) Alerts will no longer be retained indefinitely. Instead, Dyn will delete alerts 180 days after they are raised. Requesting an alert that has been deleted will result in a 404 Not Found error, exactly like requesting an alert that does not exist at all.

2) It will no longer be possible to make unbounded alert queries using the GET /portfolio/monitoring/alerts endpoint. Alert queries will be truncated at 1000 alerts per response, and a new pagination protocol makes it possible to request more alerts by making more requests.

You can avoid pagination by supplying the limit request parameter.

EXAMPLE: GET /portfolio/monitoring/alerts?limit=1000

The 1000-alert limit may be changed in future at Dyn’s sole discretion.

See the Routing API and Performance API documentation for more details.

Both changes will be effective as of February 28, 2017.