Nettica joined the Dyn family in 2013 – As we continue to integrate our respective service offerings, some questions arose from the customer base. The following FAQs should help address any concerns you may have.

Q. What is happening?

Our original notice was that we were turning down the Nettica DNS infrastructure on July 25th. however, based on customer feedback, we’ve realized this date did not allow ample time for many customers to migrate their service to Dyn. As such, we have delayed the official turndown of the Nettica DNS infrastructure to no sooner than October 1, 2014.
However, we are starting the shut down by ending discounts and cleaning up old accounts first. There are also some infrastructure changes that are going to take place. These will not affect service.

Q: What changed? Why is this change happening?

Based upon feedback from our sales and client support teams, customers who have purchased Dyn’s products require time to move to migrate over. Customers, especially Bulk DNS customers, need to change the nameserver delegations with multiple registrars. This was not going to be accomplished by the July 25th shutdown date.

Q: When will the turndown take effect?

We are still going to start the turndown on July 31, 2014. In the beginning, we will start shutting down expired services. Anyone working with the Dyn Sales team will not have their services terminated. To help people transition, October 1, 2014 is the soonest in which the turndown will occur. More information will be provided as an exact date is determined.

Q: What does this mean to me?

To date, many of you have already transitioned to Dyn to experience the above mentioned benefits. In addition to those benefits, you also received significant discounts when migrating. If you have not transitioned to Dyn yet, you can still take advantage of these discounts up until July 31st. After this date, these discounts will be unavailable. Should you choose to not take advantage of these special offers, you can continue to use your services on the Nettica platform until the official turndown date (no sooner than October 1, 2014). Prior to the platform turndown, Dyn will move you over to our network and inform you of what is needed to ensure that your service is active. All services will be provided on our network until your contract expiration date.

Q: But I just bought my service. Do I need to pay more?

Not necessarily. If you wish to move to Dyn using the discounts, we will gladly provide you with credits for the time remaining to move to Dyn and take advantage of these offers. However, should you choose to not take advantage, Dyn will migrate you over to our network in a comparable service and continue to provide you with the service until your service expiration date. You may be required to perform some tasks to ensure that the migration takes place without any interruption with your DNS services.

Q: Who do I call with a question?

Prior to any migration, you can continue to use You can also inquire about conversion questions by contacting If you sign in to your Dyn account, you can access Dyn support to help with the transition. Dyn’s support team is very involved with the Nettica transition, and is able to help. Dyn’s support team will be available to only those who are using the Dyn network.

Q: What Dyn product do I need?

For those that move to Dyn Managed DNS, our anycast network will provide you reliability advantages from the first day. Dyn Managed DNS Express uses the same network, but with lower price points and usage limits, while our unicast Dyn Standard DNS product will suit personal users and very small businesses. For question on what might work for you, email or
Most Bulk DNS customers should work with the Sales team. Customers should understand their traffic volumes to find the appropriate product.

Q: Why am I not able to purchase or renew my DNS service on Nettica?

Due to the impending turndown, we are no longer accepting new purchases or renewals for Nettica DNS services. Customers whose services have expired will begin being removed from the system unless they are working with a Dyn Sales team member.

Q: I am a Nettica lifetime customer. What do I need to do?

You do not need to do anything for that specific account. We will create a Standard DNS account for that zone and provide a single domain DNS free of charge for life (like our service). You may be required to perform some tasks to ensure that the migration takes place without any interruption with your DNS services if your domain is hosted elsewhere.

Q. What about the email product?

The email product is going to be divested. We have spent over 7 months evaluating a vendor specializing in email. They are initially going to take over the Nettica platform so that there are no disruptions. After that, they will work with customers to migrate over to their platform. When we used them in the past, the transition was very well received.

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