This guide helps you to locate the necessary information you will need to migrate your Managed DNS service or Managed DNS Express service to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. You will download your zone from Dyn and upload the zone to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. For more information about the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service, see Overview of the DNS Service.

Download and Delete a Zone from Dyn

      1. Log into your Managed DNS account using your DynID.
      2. Under the Overview or Managed DNS tab, click Manage for the zone you want to download.
      3. Select the Zone Reports tab.
      4. In the Zone Graphs and Reports section, under Zone File click Download.

    Your zone file will download to a TXT file.

    1. Click the Zone Options tab, then select Delete Zone.

    2. Click Remove. Your zone will be removed from Dyn’s servers.

    Upload the Zone File to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS

    1. Log into the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console at
    2. Open the navigation menu. Under Solutions, Platform and Edge, go to Edge Services and click DNS Zone Management.

    1. Select a compartment.
    2. Click Create Zone.
    3. In the Create Zone dialog box, choose the Import method.

    1. Drag and drop, select, or paste a valid zone file into the Import Zone File window. The zone is imported as a primary zone.
    2. Click Submit.

    The system creates and publishes the zone, complete with the necessary SOA and NS records.

    Delegate the Zone

    1. Open the navigation menu. Under Solutions, Platform and Edge, go to Edge Services and click DNS Zone Management.
    2. Click the Zone Name for the zone you want to delegate. Zone details and a list of records appear.
    3. Use the Type sort filter to locate the NS records for your zone.
    4. Note the nameservers in the RDATA field within each NS record.

    You can use the noted nameservers to change your domain’s DNS delegation.

    Change Your Nameserver Delegation with Dyn

    1. Log into your Dyn eCommerce account at
    2. Under My Services, click My Zones/Domains.
    3. Click Domain Registration beside the domain you want to delegate.

    1. Click Edit Nameservers and paste your copied Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS nameservers into the field. Ensure that each nameserver address is on its own line with no extra spaces or commas between them.

    1. Click Save Nameservers.

    Delegate Your Domain with Different Registrars

    If you have purchased Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS services but have registered your domain with another registrar, you will need to delegate your domain to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS nameservers with your registrar. Refer to your registrar’s documentation for instructions.

    Cancel Dyn Managed DNS Service (enterprise accounts)

    You can cancel your Dyn Managed DNS enterprise account by emailing

  1. Cancel Dyn Managed DNS Express Service

    The Managed DNS Express service can be cancelled by logging into your account at with your eCommerce username and password.

    1. Under My Account, click My Services.
    2. Next to Managed DNS Express, click View.
    3. Click Request Cancellation.