Dyn is committed to ensuring a smooth transition for all existing Mailhop customers to DuoCircle.

Which email products are being transitioned?

This transition will only affect Dyn’s legacy email products that fall under the Mailhop suite. They are:

Email Backup MX
Email Gateway
Email Forward (and Forward Lite)
Outbound SMTP

This transition DOES NOT include Dyn’s Email Delivery and Email Delivery Express products. Dyn continues to invest in these products and their infrastructure.

What is the Migration Timeline from Dyn to DuoCircle?

An anticipated staggered migration is currently scheduled to begin the last week of December and continue until approximately January 15th. Most services will be transitioned in December.

Will My Settings Change During the Migration?

Dyn and DuoCircle are working to ensure that as few changes occur to your configuration as possible during the migration, but we cannot guarantee that all of your settings will be perfectly replicated.

DuoCircle has provided a table with the expected levels of impact to your current settings.

Below is a table of the expected impact of the migration on your current settings.

Outbound SMTP MEDIUM – You may need to update your outbound SMTP authentication rules or passwords.
Email Forwarding LOW
MX Backup LOW – If your mail server experienced an outage prior to December 31st Dyn will continue to spool your email and attempt delivery to your server. After December 31st DuoCircle will provide the backup services. There should be no service impact.
Spam Filtering LOW – The spam filtering service is our speciality. We anticipate that the improved rules will reduce the amount of spam in your inbox dramatically and will not require any reconfiguration on your part.

Will the server IP adderss change?

The server IP address will be changed during the migration. DuoCircle will be publishing a list of new IP addresses two weeks prior to any migration.

Those who are using the URLs instead of IP addresses should not be affected.

Will I need to change my MX records?

DuoCircle is taking over the mailhop.org domain and there should be no need to change your MX records. Your account will continue to function if your MX records are pointing to mx1.mailhop.org or mx2.mailhop.org.

However, if you have the ability to change your MX record or manage your DNS through Dyn, DuoCircle will be pre-pending a subdomain onto the MX record so that it works more efficiently with their advanced server configurations.

Please visit DuoCircle for additional information.

Will I have a Dyn and a DuoCircle account?

Dyn will be transitioning the mail gateway, mx backup, email filtering, email forwarding, and Outbound SMTP services to DuoCircle. If these are the only Dyn services that you use, then you will only have one account. However if you use additional Dyn services, you will have multiple accounts.

What will happen to the Dyn site?

Dyn will remove the Inbound Email and Outbound SMTP services from the purchasing workflow.  This ensures that new accounts do not get discarded during the last days of the transition.  You will not be able to renew your service at Dyn.com.  However, Dyn WILL NOT shut down any services during the transition.

What about my configuration’s settings?

Any changes that you make during the last week of the transition will be lost.  You will receive an email when this lockdown period begins.  You will still be able to make configuration changes to your Dyn configuration during this time but these changes will not be migrated.

How will billing work?

Your current billing parameters will be migrated to DuoCircle. All terms and conditions will remain the same.

NOTE: Similar to Dyn, DuoCircle is PCI compliant and will not have access to your credit card information at any point. This information is kept card provider’s vault.

How will I manage my account?

You will continue to have full control of your account through Dyn’s web portal until the migration of your account to DuoCircle. Once your account is migrated to DuoCircle, you will be provided the login information to access your account through DuoCircle.