The left column of the manage Group or User permissions form has the following fields:

Group Name:  Name of group permissions being edited.  (Group Permissions only)
Type:  Select from drop-down.  The help link provides more information for the field.  (Group Permissions only)

Plain Groups are exclusive. This means that only users you choose will be added to this type of group.

Default Groups are inclusive. This means that all current and future users will be added automatically.

The list of users in either type of group can be modified at any time.

Group Description:  Enter a description for this group.  Example:  Admins with DNS Edit Access  (Group Permissions only)

Save or Reset:  Save your changes, or select Reset to clear the form.

Search Zones/Users/Groups to Add:   Use these fields to search for Zones, Users, and Groups to add into this Group’s membership.

NOTE:  User Permissions only shows the Search Zones to Add field

When added, they will appear in the header fields for Zones, Users, and Sub-Groups respectively.

Left Column of edit or create groups form