The Inventory Report lists the alerts for that inventory, breaks them into categories, and provides a link to the Alerts Report for the alerting asset.

Filters, Assets, and Alert Types ASN or Prefix Alerting Assets
Filter Assets – Enter a limiting value to filter the asset list to those items that match the value entered. Displays a list of ASN or Prefix objects, the current alerts, and the City and Country location of the object, if applicable.
Filter Alert Types – Reasons an ASN or Prefix records an alert.

Prefix Alert Types:

Hijack – the prefix is announced by an ASN that is not on its list of allowed origins.

Hijacked Subprefix – one of the more specific (sub) prefixes contained in a larger prefix is announced by an ASN that is not on the prefix’s list of allowed origins.

Newly Routed – the moniotored prefix was previously unrouted.

Newly Routed Subprefix – a subprefix of the monitored prefix was previously unrouted.

Outage – the prefix, normally announced by an ASN, is withdrawn.

Instability – at least 20% of our peers have observed at least 5 announcements and/or withdrawals for at least 5 minutes.

ASN Alert Types:

New Origination – the monitored ASN is originating a new prefix.

Click the colored circle in the Alerts column to view the alert in greater detail.
Inventory Report