Uh-oh! That was an invalid link.

What does this mean?

In short, the link you just clicked is “broken.” You arrived here because the link was sent to you via Dyn’s Email Delivery system. You may want to visit the homepage of the sender and navigate your way to the intended destination from there.

Why did this happen?

There are a number of possible reasons this link could have been rendered invalid:

  • It is too old and no longer supported by our system
  • Some characters were not properly encoded in the URL because they were not RFC compliant
  • The link may have been tampered with*

* Please note that in this last case, there is no risk to you or your computer. It is possible that a 3rd party tried to abuse Dyn’s system and we have intentionally invalidated the link as well as recorded the occurrence.

What should I do?

Carry on with your day! If you still want to get to the intended destination, you can go right to the sender’s website as stated above or reach out to them via other channels.