The Gauge extension for the Google Chrome browser measures the performance of the internet between your browser and the websites you visit. The Gauge extension records and measures page loading times, geographic latency, and more.


Install the Extension

Inside your Google Chrome browser, visit the Chrome Web Store and click the Add To Chrome button. The extension is free.

Once installed, Gauge will begin collecting performance analytics as you surf the web. It may take several moments of browsing before any analytics are returned.

Using the Extension

1. Click the Gauge icon in the upper-right corner of your Chrome browser. Gauge_Icon
2. Browse the various tabs of analytics information.
My Performance: Reports the average request time of pages in your browser history. Click the URL for a more detailed breakdown of how much time each part of the request takes. Gauge_My_Performance
Geo Performance: Reports the geographic location of where websites in your browsing history are loading from and their performance.

Click on the various cloud icons to view specific latencies between your browser and the website or cloud provider. Click the checkmarks beside the latency ranges to filter sites or cloud providers on the map. Use the “+” and “–” buttons to zoom-in.

  • My Sites: The geographic locations requested sites are loading from and their respective performance.
  • Cloud Providers: The geographic locations of cloud providers used by requested websites and their respective performance.
Comparison: Compares a requested website’s latency, page loading time, and first byte to global averages.

Select from recently visited sites by using the drop-down menu. Toggle the checkmarks on and off to filter data on the graph.

Tools: Gauge comes equipped with several tools to engage the sites you visit.

  • DNS lookup: Finds and displays all common records attached to a domain.
  • whois: Finds the whois information for a domain, including registrar, admin details, and DNS nameservers.
  • geo IP: Displays the geographic location of an IP address.