The API can be used to retrieve information about your DNS environment. This data is provided in a standard CSV format and can be turned into reports using any common report writer. Comparisons to the reports found in the Managed DNS User Interface are provided.

Understanding How The API Works

Report Name in GUI Report Contents / Description API Topic or Information
Contacts Report Displays all contacts and in what capacity they are serving. Get Contact Info
The API command retrieves the Contact information such as their address, phone number, and Email address.
Services Report Generates a list of all services in all zones, as well as which users have privileges to affect them. Each DNS service has its own GET command that provides the list of services in one or all zones.
Node & Record List Creates a report containing a tree-like display of all nodes and their associated records in the selected zone. Get ALL Records Get Nodes
Combine the results from these two commands to get equivalent data.
Node List Creates a report containing a tree-like display of all nodes in the selected zone. Get Node List
Security Report Displays user permissions for the zone. Get User Permissions
API command retrieves the permissions of a single identified user.
Changeset Displays a list of changes over the lifetime of your zone. Get Zone Changeset
The API Changeset command only retrieves unpublished items for this session.
Zone File Generates a list of zones or gather information about a zone file. Get Zones
The API Get Zones command retrieves the list of zones on the account.
The information is not returned in a BIND compatible zone file.