In 2013, Dyn discontinued the free DynDNS hostname service. For more information about the turndown, please refer to the following FAQ article.

Q: Why are you making this change?

The change to no longer offer free hostnames will allow us to invest in our customer support teams, so that we can continue to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Additionally, we have an obligation to have the cleanest network possible. We have seen an increase in abuse issues with free hostnames in recent years, and the most responsible action we could take for our paying customers was to end the service.

Q: When are you making this change?

Beginning Monday, April 7th through Wednesday, May 7th, current DynDNS Free hostnames will remain active. After May 7th, any free accounts that have not upgraded their accounts to VIP by purchasing an upgrade to Remote Access (DynDNS Pro) will have their DynDNS free services disabled. Several email notices detailing the changes being made will be sent out during this 30-day period.

Q: How have I been notified about these changes?

If you are a user who is impacted by these changes, you will have received an email detailing the situation on or around the date of Monday, April 7th. We have also posted additional information about this change to our blog, as well as our Dyn Community forum. If you did not receive an email from us, and feel that you should have, please contact Please allow 1-2 days for email notification.

Q: How can I continue using my hostname(s)?

In order to continue using your dynamic DNS hostname(s) after May 7th, you must upgrade to a Dyn VIP account by purchasing Remote Access (DynDNS Pro). Dyn has provided all current free users with an exclusive one-time discount that can be applied to the upgrade, so please check your email for more information on how to apply the discount immediately.

Q: How does upgrading to Dyn Remote Access (DynDNS Pro) benefit me?

By upgrading to Dyn Remote Access, users will get to keep their current Dyn free hostnames, as well as the ability to create up to 30 hostnames in total. You will also have more than 260 unique hostnames to choose from, access to customer support, and will see a performance upgrade in the coming years from our investments in the platform.

Potentially. If you have other paid services with Dyn, but also utilize free hostnames (ex: in your account, you must purchase Remote Access for those hostnames. If you have already purchased Remote Access, then you will not be affected.

A quick way to determine if you will be affected is to check out your Dyn Services page. First, be sure to log in. If “DynDNS Pro Upgrades” is set to “Yes”, then you currently have Remote Access (DynDNS Pro). If “DynDNS Pro Upgrades” is set to “No”, then you do not have Remote Access and must purchase it before your hosts expire on May 7th.

Q: How long do I have before I need to make up my mind?

In the interest of providing our free users with enough time to evaluate their options, we will be giving all free users 30 days from Monday, April 7th to Wednesday, May 7th to decide whether they would like to upgrade to a VIP user at a discounted rate, or join another free dynamic DNS provider.

Q: What happens if I decide not to purchase Dyn Remote Access?

After May 7th, any free accounts that have not upgraded their accounts to VIP by purchasing an upgrade to Remote Access will have their DynDNS free services disabled. This means that any dynamic DNS hostnames that were associated with your DynDNS Free service will expire.

Q. What if I currently have a VIP account and want to migrate my free hostnames into it?

We currently have two options available to migrate your free hostname(s):

  1. The first option is to use the Move Services feature in your account settings. Please note that this is a premium service, so a fee will be assessed for each migration.
  2. The second option would be to delete the hostname from your free account and attempt to quickly add it to your VIP account. The hostname you deleted should be available to be reclaimed about 15 to 20 minutes after deletion. Once it become available again, you should then be able to recreate the host name in your VIP account. This is not guaranteed as another customer may create it at the same time. If attempted, please note this option will not work with the following hostnames:, and

Q: What if my hardware only supports DynDNS as an update client?

In cases like this, you will need to contact your hardware manufacturer for firmware updates or other alternatives. Support for third party products is outside the realm of support that Dyn can offer.

If you have purchased a DLink router and are currently using the free hostname(s) associated with the Dlink DDNS service (, your hostnames will remain unaffected by this change. If you are a DLink user and do not have a “[your hostname here]” hostname, then your DLink hostname has not been configured properly. Please refer to your router for instructions.

However, please note that any non-DLink customers using this service will have their accounts disabled immediately.

If you are a DLink user and were affected by the free user turndown, we apologize, but your account was most likely configured incorrectly. However, you are still granted free service for being a DLink customer. Please visit to register your DLink device and receive a free hostname.

Q: I was an early donor and was promised free services for life. Are my free services lost?

All of the free services promised to those donors will be honored and they have been contacted. If you feel that you got an email in error, please contact

Q: I missed the deadline, and my free service was deactivated. How can I get my hostnames back?

If you missed the deadline (Tuesday, May 6th 11:59pm EST) and your services were deactivated, there is still a chance to reclaim your hostnames! We understand that you may have forgotten, so in order to ease the transition for you, your hostnames have actually been placed back in your cart, along with a discounted package of Remote Access (formerly DynDNS Pro). Just check out, and you’re good to go! Please double check to make sure you aren’t checking out with anything you don’t want to purchase.

If you have further questions or concerns, please join the discussion in our Dyn Community or email
Please allow 48-72 hours for a response.

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