SOAP API Error Handling: Faults


The API returns any failed responses using the SOAP 1.1 fault structure. Most SOAP 1.1 compliant client libraries are able to understand and interpret a fault, providing the fault information in a way you can understand. Some libraries create an exception for these faults.

There are libraries that are not able to parse a fault. If you are using one of these libraries, you will need to use the fault_incompat parameter. See Reference Libraries to see if your library is listed as requiring the fault_incompat parameter.

See the next section for information on using the fault_incompat parameter.


SOAP API Command Parameter: fault_incompat


If you need to use the Fault Incompatible parameter, add it to the arguments for your Session Login as shown here:


     'customer_name'  => 'examplecustomer',
     'user_name'      => 'exampleuser',
     'password'       => 'secret',
     'fault_incompat' => '1',