Beginning in AprilĀ 2016, Dyn will change the design of its invoices for enterprise customers. If you have a Managed DNS, Email Delivery, or Internet Intelligence account, this change will likely affect your invoice. The new invoice is meant to be easier to read and more convenient.


What’s different?

The invoice has been completely redesigned with a new easy-to-read format.

The Charge Summary gives you a quick overview of your current balance and any payments that have been applied to your account. Further down is a breakdown of your account’s charges, including recurring charges like monthly fees, one-time charges such as activation fees and any overage charges your account may have accrued during the invoice’s service period.

Under the Payment Details section, you will see any payments applied to your invoice and what method was used to make a payment. INVOICE_FAQ_paydetails

When will the new invoices be rolled out?

The invoice will be rolled out in AprilĀ 2016. You will receive a new invoice at the beginning of your next billing cycle.

How do I read this invoice?

Read our invoice guide for a more in-depth explanation of your invoice.

If I have further questions about my invoice, who can I speak to about it?

Contact your account representative, or contact Dyn’s billing department directly at