When Track Clicks is enabled, the first time a recipient clicks on a web link inside your email to reach the web site, it will be automatically be tracked as ‘clicks’ in the reports section of the Email portal.

The first click is tracked to avoid inflating the report numbers due to a few recipients clicking the web link multiple times.

Note: If Track Clicks is enabled, it is important to set the correct encoding header in your HTTP request to match your content, and to encode or escape any special or reserved characters in “href” URLs and their querystrings using legal UTF-8 values, as specified by RFC 3986.
For example, the URL http://example.com/path?field1=value with spaces&field2=one+one=two would become http://example.com/path?field1=value%20with%20spaces&field2=one%2Bone%3Dtwo.


1. Open the Accounts view in Email Delivery.


Click your DynID account in the upper right corner to view the menu.

Email Delivery Accounts Menu
DynID Portal Overview
2. Click on the master account name in blue in the Accounts view.


Click Email Account Settings from the DynID Portal menu.

Email Accounts View - Master Account

Email Delivery DynID Portal Menu

3. Scroll to the bottom section of the Email Account Settings  and click Track Link Clicks. List Unsubscribe button
4. Click the Save Button button to enable tracking clicks.